Sunday, April 13, 2008

Show us your world #4

As I was trying to decide what I should share for the latest show us your world post, I started thinking that my hometown looks like many of the other posts that we've already seen. Sure, we have things that make it different from any other small town and unique to our family (who loves to be outside and enjoy the many woods, creeks, and parks in our area). But overall, we see alot of the same things that have already been posted.

That being said, I decided to go a different route. Instead, I am going to show you my world inside my house.

Like most mothers, my world revolves around the four little people that I gave birth to. They fill my days (and my house) full of all things "kid" and those things are a HUGE part of my life. My house is overflowing with pictures of my kids, things the kids have made, photo albums, and scrapbooks (and piles of things they bring home from school). I have lost any sense of organization now that I am a mother of four, so my kid's "stuff" is covering every spot it can in our house. You really can not look anywhere and not see that there are KIDS here, and I love that (when I am not tripping on cars...but that is another post) about our house.

Here are a few of the places in our house that show you just what I am talking about...

Our house is not the biggest or the best. There are days that I wish it were bigger, or that the walls were painted a different color, or that we had new furniture here or there. But then I look around, and my whole perspective can change in an instant.

This is my world, and I love it here.

It is full of all of the little things that make me smile. Reminders that I am important in the lives of these little ones, and reminders to them that they are just as important to me!


Heather said...

My world is similar. No one could mistake us for a childless couple that's for sure.

Kirsetin said...

Very sweet. I love that you love it there; what a gift that is to your kids!

Minnesota Momma said...

I love when the fridge is covered in kid pics! Mine too! You really can't go in any room in my house (yes, even my bedroom) and not know that we have little kids here. Love it! Thanks for sharing part of you.

susiej said...

I love your world... more importantly, what you think of your world. Awesome.