Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to the Midwest!

We do things in a slightly odd way here in the Midwest. I admit it. We're different.

But so are you.

With this blog I hope to explore our differences AND our similarities.

It will be a place to rant, dream, and celebrate. It will be a place for discussion, friendly disagreement and support.

At least that's what I want for this blog.

First "real" post coming soon.

1 comment:

fizzledink said...

You know the first difference I encountered when we moved up here? "Pop." Everyone says "pop" when they're talking about those flavored fizzy drinks -- in the South, they're usually all called "Coke" regardless of affiliation -- and I have plenty of friends who say "soda."

Superficial, absolutely. But it was like a beacon that proclaimed: YOU ARE IN A NEW & DIFFERENT PLACE.