Monday, April 25, 2011

ten fevers in eight months

It is the bane of our existence. It rears its ugly head and refuses to back down for three days - always. It sent us to the doctor asking for answers and leaving with blood tests that come back clear. It makes the doctor shrug and agree that, "it is strange' but not strange enough.

Owen is my 4.5 year old fever magnet. A virus brushes against him in the store? Owen invites it home. These stray viruses he collects like snow globes. He doesn't like being sick, except for the extra screen time, but he continually and perpetually brings them home. And truth be told, I will take every virus happily if it truly is him MO and just "strange."

It costs us in time, daycare, work, commitments, but these are merely inconveniences on the grand scale of life. My friends assure me that he will be healthier because of this, and I hope so and know so as I think about Drew and his school record.

But when I am in the month of April and have taken five half days and one full day, It is hard to keep in all in the balances, and I continue to wish summer here soon.

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Serial Mommy said...

Izzy is my sick magnet. He's also the only one in "traditional" school, even though he's actually in a specialized program and not a mainstreamed classroom, he's non-verbal autistic. It seems like every couple of weeks he's out for a couple of days because of some gunk he brought home from school with him. Which he then happily shares witfh the rest of us. I know that it will help us all be stronger in the end, and least immunity wise, but it sure sucks now. I just hope that this cycle ends soon for the both of us.