Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring in the Midwest

I love it when Spring finally springs in the Midwest. Every year I think it is taking for-ev-er but every year it comes.

The leaves leaf, the grass greens, the noses run, the throats tickle.

Yes, every Spring for me is allergy season. My eyes itch, my nose is like a faucet with a bad washer, I feel like I need to clear my throat constantly.

It seems to be that my baby girl (child #3 for those who don't know me) has inherited my seasonal allergies. Her nose runs constantly when we are outside, yet clears up each night when we have been indoors for a few hours.

I suppose it is the one drawback of having the four seasons...well, besides the bitter cold of winter and the unbearable heat of summer. Oh and the allergies return in the Fall.

Remind me why we love living here again?

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Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

We get allergies aplenty here in Florida as well. So it always makes me laugh when people say they moved to Florida because of their allergies.