Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Not So Much The Heat

The thing about living in Minnesota is the weather. It’s very changeable. Pretty much everyone who lives here for any length of time will say “oh I love the change of seasons.”

Except sometimes the seasons change daily. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 63 degrees on a Monday, then 73 degrees on Tuesday. By that Friday the mercury had reached 80 degrees.

It’s hard to know how to dress your kids each day. Let’s face it, the weather forecasters are really just guessing most of the time. It’s a crapshoot whether they’ll be accurate or not. Even if they are accurate, Mother Nature has that way of making it autumn one day and throwing a little more summer in the next. This year my city seems to have missed out on summer. The mercury did not climb to 90 degrees even once.

So, how to dress the kids? Layers I guess.

The mornings have been hovering around 50 degrees, so it’s too cool to send them without jackets, and by the time school lets out, they’re feeling warm in jeans. No matter which way I try to err, it’s almost always the wrong choice.

Not that I mind the return to warm weather. I actually prefer the heat over freezing my butt off, but the yo-yoing temperatures tend to mess with a person.

Maybe we all need to carry a change of clothes with us so we can switch to match the weather.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Sounds a lot like our winters! You always have to dress in removable layers because you never know what you'll need!

angi said...

Sounds like here too. I am tired of it, I want summer back :)

My poor kids are going to school fine (in jackets or long sleeves) & sweating on the way home...

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Oh I so hear you! Forget the kids--I'm freezing in the morning and sweating by the time they get off the bus. They're still all in shorts; I keep suggesting a jacket, but, nope, they're good. Wondering why I spent that money....